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1,000 beautiful, emotional chord progressions that you’ve never heard before, created on grand piano by a concert pianist with over 20,000 hours of experience. Works for all genres, makes your music stand out and sound real.

Enjoy listening to the demos and the video tutorial below! 

P.S. We added 100 melodies for you as a bonus with the pack 🙂

One payment (no subscription). Instant download right to your email inbox. Yours forever.

Not sure if this is for you?

Here's how this MIDI Pack helps you make better music

Organic, real-sounding progressions

Every MIDI file has been recorded in on a MIDI-enabled grand piano by me (Niko). Your music won't sound robotic or digital if you use these.

It's like having a pianist in the room

Stuck? Lacking inspiration? Open up this pack and you'll find something to work with right away.

No more drawing in chords

Simply take the chord progressions from the pack and use them as you wish: tweak them, change the key, shorten them. Do what you want. They're yours.

No progression is the same

This isn't one of those padded MIDI packs where each chord progression is just a slight variation on the last. It's a robust pack with a variety of solid progressions.

Works with any instrument

While all these MIDI files have been created on a MIDI-enabled grand piano, they'll sound great with anything. Want to use Serum? Massive? Another virtual instrument? Go ahead.

Arrange your song with ease

Pair multiple progressions together and create a song that captures the listener's attention from start to finish. Goodbye writer's block!

Layer with different MIDI and instruments

Stack and edit different MIDI files with different instruments to get a thick, powerful sound.

Works with any genre

Whether you make pop, EDM, orchestral, or any other type of music—this pack will work perfectly.

MIDI Pack Reviews


Grammy-Nominated Producer with official remixes with Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Ellie Goulding

“I recently got my hands on Niko’s MIDI Pack, and man it has made my life so much easier when I’m doing a new writing session with somebody. Normally before a writing session, I would have to do a bunch of chord progressions to get things ready, and now I don’t stress anymore, I drag and drop chord progressions into my DAW and we try out different arrangements to write songs quickly.”

Chris H. - ILIXIR

Music Producer “ILIXIR” and college student at Dartmouth College

“What’s good about this MIDI pack is you can throw it right into a song. It sounds incredible, and it has all these articulations that you wouldn’t get from just some dude sitting in a basement programming MIDI and saving it. He played all of this on his piano and what’s incredible about it is it sounds REAL.”


Dance Music Producer, Songwriter, Remixer and Instructor 

“When I first got access to the MIDI pack my jaw hit the floor, this thing is amazing. I have tried to use MIDI packs before and spent tons of money on MIDI packs, and they have never been high-quality, and this thing is anything but. Niko went through and recorded himself, a professional level concert pianist, and recorded them all so they have velocity animation, it is incredible.”

Ready to start writing and producing better music?

Download The Organic MIDI Pack today and get instant access

One payment (no subscription). Instant download right to your email inbox. Yours forever.

Who am I?

I’m not another internet dude trying to take your money. Here’s why you can trust me:

Got questions?

This MIDI Pack has three main differences between all other MIDI packs

1)  Chord Voicings – the chords have unique beautiful voicings that no other MIDI pack in existence has

2) Organic Velocity – the way Niko plays on the piano gives this MIDI pack unique distinct sound that sounds REAL. This took Niko 24 years of playing piano to acquire. You will notice this in the demo.

3) Volume – there are so many different variations in this pack of the same chord progression that the options are endless for music producers and composers. 

Nope. This is a MIDI pack. Basically every DAW in the world is MIDI compatible, so you’ll be fine whatever you use. 

No. The chord progressions in this MIDI pack span multiple genres and can be edited with ease (just watch the demo video).

Perfect. You might be interested in my comprehensive Modern Piano Masterclass.

Great! Feel free to email me (

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